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Becoming a ringer is not easy!

Becoming a ringer takes lots of time and dedication, with early mornings during the summer and late nights during the winter, being part of WMRG  is not just about ringing birds, its about helping with habitat management, support at public events, report writing, and positive engagement with landowners. If you feel that this is something you can dedicate time to, then please get it contact.

If you feel you can contribute to our group and for you its not just ticking boxes on your CV you will be added to a WMRG WhatsApp group , where sessions will be advertised, it is for you then to give your time to these events before a decision is made on whether you will be taken on as a trainee as this is a complex process offered to only the most dedicated, however if you'd just like to become a helper and support us with our work, then we are always grateful for help and support!

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